Workplace Client The Brand Called You: The 5 Word Branding Exercise

So what is the “The Cast Called You”?You are a brand. Your claimed cast is a way of communicating what is inherently you. Your experience, background, education, methodology, personality, etc.How do you amount out your claimed brand?There are abounding ways, but I’m traveling to accord you one exercise.In the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert, which aswell was fabricated into a cine starring Julia Roberts, every time Liz, the capital character, went to a location, she approved to arise up with a chat to abduction the cast of that location. For example, if I anamnesis correctly, her cast chat for Rome was Sex (or maybe Passion!). And at one point, anyone angry the tables on her and asked her, “Liz, what’s your word?” And she was stumped. Allotment of the acumen she couldn’t arise up with her chat at that point was she had absent blow with who she was, and bare to dig deeper, which she does as her adventure progresses. But addition allotment of that may accept been that it is clumsily harder to arise up with just one chat to call your absolute all-embracing claimed brand!

So I’m allurement you to arise up with 5.5 words that abduction what is abnormally you – your Claimed Brand.For some of you, this still may be difficult.If you can’t arise up with 5 words yourself, again pay absorption to how others apperceive you. Ask family, friends, colleagues and audience for 5 words that call you. Please alone ask those that will be your “believing eyes.” If you own a business, attending at your applicant testimonials for patterns of words and phrases that echo themselves. If you are active in a abode setting, attending at your job evaluations and belletrist of reference. If you are just accepting out o f college, attending at your belletrist of recommendation. You get the picture. You are aggravating to acquisition the words that others accept acclimated to call your claimed brand.Here are my 5 words: Professional, Intelligent, Warm, Sassy, Productive.Try to arise up with a mix of words that display both harder and bendable skills, or tap into larboard and appropriate academician characteristics. We are all fabricated up of both, so bond up the 5 words for your cast is a nice way to authenticate your multi-facetted personality and advice you to arise beneath one-dimensional. For example, in my words, you will see that intelligent, able and advantageous abduction added of my larboard academician ancillary and harder skills, while balmy and bold abduction my added creative, appropriate academician ancillary and bendable skills.A absolutely able exercise is to arise up with 5 words for anyone else.I was accomplishing this exercise for an alignment at one of my speaking engagements beforehand this year, and one of the participants aloft her duke and said “I got nothing. I can’t anticipate of any words for me.” So I looked about at her colleagues and asked if any of them had some words for her. Slowly, they started calling out words, and we could see that some of them overlapped and some capacity started to emerge. It was actual able to watch the aftereffect it had on her as she abstruse what her aeon advised to be her claimed brand.

So I claiming you to account your 5 words. Accomplish abiding they absolutely abduction your essence, personality, and what makes you abnormally you.The next footfall is to alpha analytical your activity and plan to accomplish abiding that your 5 words bout how you advertise your cast to the world. Would anyone be able to assumption your 5 words? Immediately aloft affair you? Or at atomic afterwards accepting to apperceive you further? If so, your alien cast matches your centralized brand. If not, your alien cast is adverse with who you absolutely are. This can could cause confusion, accomplish others feel broken to you, and aftereffect in your actualization inauthentic.So anticipate of your claimed cast as an befalling to accept a added centralized chat that says who you are on abounding levels. Don’t absence that opportunity! Welcome that conversation. Alpha it with 5 words.